Nutrition Therapy Consultation

What to expect?


Before the consultation

  • You may contact HINT by booking a consultation via an email or by a phone call.
  • After booking the consultation you will be emailed a comprehensive health questionnaire with a 3 - day food diary which you are asked to complete prior to the consultation. Please return the completed form to me (preferably via email) at least 2 days prior to our meeting, especially if you are taking medications.
  • You will be asked questions about your health, conditions, symptoms, medication, tests undertaken, current diet, lifestyle. This will allow me to assess your nutritional status and identify potential nutritional imbalances to help design the best protocol to support your health.
  • Please do not hesitate to call me prior to booking your consultation if you have any questions regarding the consultation or therapy.


During the consultation

  • First consultations last about 90 minutes. The following consultations typically last about 60 minutes. 
  • It involves detailed discussions of your unique health history, symptoms, aims, current diet and lifestyle.
  • An achievable plan of action tailored to meet your individual needs will be agreed with you. I will guide you explaining what impact certain foods may have on your health and will encourage you to eat the real food that may benefit your body.
  • You may be recommended some functional testing and supplements. These are optional and not included in the consultation fee.



After the consultation

  • Following the consultation, you will receive a Nutrition Programme which will include the recommendations that have been discussed during the consultation. This will be emailed to you or can be collected by yourself at an arranged date.
  • Nutrition therapy is a process and thus most clients require attending couple of consultations to achieve their goals. The consultations are held ideally at 4-6 week intervals.
  • You are encouraged to get in touch if you require any clarification regarding your program or support in between the consultations. Short phone calls and emails (taking up to 15 minutes reply/conversation) are not chargeable. However, for any more complex questions you are encouraged to book a follow - up consultation.


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